He Created the Conditions That Led to Trump

Exactly. He started all the trends that led to where we are now.

And he definitely was not a traditional conservative.

Absolutely wonderful.

There is one fallacy I do wish you had dealt with because it is the one they use on each other and the one they think justifies their resistance as "defending freedom."

The slippery slope. The idea that a seemingly innocous idea will, if followed, ultimately lead to…

"What was it about being locked up together that makes love wane? Is it that ordinary day-to-day life is not sexy? Is it they found out they had little in common?"

I think not. I think one of the things that keeps a marriage going is that when we go out in the world, we experience much that is uncomfortable, frustrating, and such like. The world beats us up so much that when we return home, to be welcomed and comforted by those we love, it renews our love. Home and our loves are the places we go to at the end of the day.

That daily spark of renewal has been lost and I think it might be the loss of it that has cooled the fires as much, if not more, than if the spark dies differently and home is no longer the place of comfort and love.

"Unfortunately, lots of people go into/get into fields undeservingly with consequences to our society."

Most definitely. As an American, I could name dozens and dozens of people who are in power but should not be because they really don't care about the people and have no conception of the public good.

But only people in the United States think freedom doesn't have parameters.

Libertarians are essentially anarchists, and selfish ones at that.

That "libertarian" definition of "freedom" as the right to do whatever you want, however you want, whenever you want, to whomever you want is the most pernicious thing to happen in America in the last forty years. It is a denial of the idea of a social contract, social and personal responsibility, and basic human decency. Freedom always was understood to have parameters; that your right to throw a punch ended at someone else's nose, as Mill put it.

"Freedom" without parameters is nothing more than anarchy.

Very smart. Intelligence and beauty. Who could ask for more?

(She is married. *sigh* A serious blow to my fantasy life. Gillian Anderson is too. *another sigh*)

I have been cycling through which of the unvaccinated's arguments that infuriate me the most. Some days it's the wilful ignorance that claims the virus isn't so bad or that vaccines are inherently dangerous or it's all a hoax (even though we are on track to make US Civil War…

While what you wrote is all very true but the exploitation of falsehood has a much longer horizen. And that the right lives in an information bubble. It started with Reagan's constant, and false, claims about "Liberal Bias" in the media. He used that lie eliminate the fairness doctrine. Then…

PV Bailey

I am an English teacher. Humanitas, Veritas, Pulcritudo

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